Sponsor a Pastor

Thousands of people are turning to Christ in difficult mission fields where the native pastor has tremendous advantages. Native pastors already know the language and culture of the people. They are also able to be live on as little as $50 a month which includes housing, food, clothing, and basic necessities.

The good news is that there are hundreds of willing native workers already prepared to do the work on the mission field right now – to encourage new believers and build great churches – but they are only hindered by lack of finances.

We are personally connected to men and women with proven track records in evangelistic church-planting ministries. You and I can help them!

We can make possible struggling new churches find their mission. Thousands of new believers are coming into the Kingdom of God daily around the world. The fishing nets are breaking and we need experienced fishermen to haul in the catch!

Right now we know of many qualified pastors who are eager to work in the field. Our contacts in Africa and India have already screened and approved pastors who await financial support. These men have a fiery passion to win their countrymen to Christ. Only men who give evidence of successful leadership qualities and a true heart of compassion for the lost are chosen for support. We expect spiritual and financial accountability.

For example, in India, we have a waiting list of 50 pastors who need to be released to the work. Each one has been interviewed by native church planting leaders to determine their effectiveness and soundness for ministry. The intention in India is to support the pastors for a period of three years and then they are expected to establish self-supporting churches. The sponsored pastors are accountable to the national church planting leaders who, in turn, report to us on a regular reporting basis. This is a winning strategy!

In many developing countries around the world, a growing church has few resources available to train and send out pastors to plant churches and shepherd growing flocks. CIY gives you the opportunity and privilege to help the church in Africa and India.

You can sponsor a native pastor for as little as $75 per month. Your partnership makes it possible for him to stay in ministry, preach the Gospel and make true disciples.

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Pastor Kmalash Masih was born into a Hindu family.  He came to know the Lord in 1998.  He suffered with back pain and had treatment for eight months.  Finally, he met a Gospel preacher who prayed for him and within three days he was healed. He started reading the New Testament and gave his life to Christ.  After his baptism, with the help of the pastor, he received Bible training for two years.  Since 2006 he is working for the Lord and wants to continue as a full time worker with his family.  Pastor Madan Pastor Satya Pal
Pastor Kmalash Masih
Place of Ministry
Balia, Uttar Pradesh
Pastor Madan
Place of Ministry
Panapur Village,
Uttar Pradesh
Pastor Satya Pal
Place of work
Muzafer Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh
Pastor Sang Ratan Pastor Vantu Pastor Anok & Sunita Masih
Pastor Sang Ratan
Place of work
Buradi – Delhi
Pastor Vantu
Place work Jankpuri – Delhi
Pastor Anok & Sunita Masih
Place of Work:Shajanpur UttraPradesh, North India
Bible Woman Sister Pulkeswari Bible Woman Poonam Singh Pastor Merry Masih
Bible Woman
Sister Pulkeswari
Place of Work
Chilla village – Delhi
Bible Woman
Poonam Singh
Place of work
Bhopura Delhi & Uttar Pradesh border
Pastor Merry Masih
Place of work
Sijarsi Uttar Pradesh
Pastor Naresh Bible Worker Sister Rani Pastor Kadim Masih
Pastor Naresh
Work of place
Bagam pol – Uttar Pradesh
Bible Worker
Sister Rani
Place of work Vikaspuri Delhi
Pastor Kadim Masih
Place of work
Amritsar – Punjab


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