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Lake Victoria Uganda

Lake Victoria

In East Africa our work is in Uganda through pastor and evangelist Raphael. Since working with Raphael and his team just a few years ago there have been 12 new churches planted, most of which are in northern Uganda on the Sudan border which has been a very troubled region. In addition Raphael has started a church in the capital city of Kampala.

We are very encouraged about the tremendous growth that is occurring in northern Uganda.



Raphael is originally from Kenya. When I, Paul Rains, first met him in Delhi he was a student and single. His plan at that time was to return to Kenya. However God changed his plans when he married a girl from Uganda. They now have four children. As a foreigner to Uganda Raphael has done very well in evangelism and church planting. He is very well connected with Christians all over Uganda.

We are humbled by the fact that we are able to make it possible for Raphael to do his work of church planting and evangelism.

Please pray for Raphael and his associates.



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