Our Strategy

Reformation in Foreign Missions

What is the most successful and cost-effective means of presenting the
gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard it in various
places in the world?

In the past Western missionaries would go to countries where the
gospel was never proclaimed. It was necessary, because there was
little or no knowledge of Jesus Christ in those lands.

Today we have dedicated Christians in every country all around the

So now we have a new paradigm. The most successful and certainly the
most cost-effective means is to enable dedicated and talented pastors
and evangelists to proclaim the gospel to their own countries.

These wonderful disciples of the Lord do not have to learn a new
language, they do not have to study nuances of a new culture, they do not
have to go home on furlough. And as a bonus, they can usually do a
much better job at only 1/10 the cost or less of a foreign missionary.

For more details on this concept we recommend the book Reformation in
Foreign Missions by Bob Finley. You can read and download this book
for free at this link:





A Village in north Uganda, on the Sudan border, where we have planted a new church.

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