Finishing the Fear of Flying by Dr. Paul Rains








Finishing the Fear of Flying

by Dr. Paul Rains

It has been a joy to be one of the founders of Christ In You, fusing my personal vision of assisting native pastors and evangelists to fulfill their calling. As the body of Christ, we’re in this together!

For 25 years I would not set foot on an airplane! Shortly after Julie and I were married in 1972 we were in a small airplane piloted by a missionary who flew supplies into the jungles of Guatemala.

As we approached the airstrip for landing, this missionary pilot told us, “Now I’ll show you how I land in the jungles of Guatemala.” Because the runways in the jungle are cut into the forest, they are short. We nose-dived to the earth. Julie thought it was great fun. “Whee” she exclaimed. I was on the floor of the plane, eyes closed, heart racing, and petrified!

There were many opportunities for ministry, travel and business that I passed up because I could not bring myself to step back on an airplane. Somehow I knew that God wanted me to minister in India as well as other places. I asked my friends to pray. I asked my pastor to pray.

I thought my first flight in 25 years might be a short one, say from St. Louis to Kansas city, about 30 minutes. Instead, in 1997, Julie and I flew nonstop from Memphis to Amsterdam, about 10 hours! We took off from Memphis at night, Julie sitting next to the window, commenting, “Aren’t the lights of Memphis beautiful at night?” I peeked briefly and turned back to what I was reading.

But the flight wasn’t bad. And I began to have victory over the fear of flying.

Since that time, in addition to several trips for visiting relatives and tourism, I have been blessed to participate in the following mission trips:

  • June 1998 India. Mission trip to Gorakhpur. Also visited Nepal.
  • April 14-26, 1999 Kyrgyzstan. Medical mission trip. AlsoUzbekistan.
  • October 1999. India. Mission trip to Delhi, Gorakhpur, and first trip to Manipur. Historical trip, first westerners to enter northern Manipur in over 100 years.
  • April 2000. India. Mission trip to Patna in Bihar.
  • November 2000. Togo. First trip to Africa.
  • April 2001. India. Led a team to Manipur for large open air meetings.
  • January 2002. Togo. Mission trip. My son Eric was with me.
  • November 2002. Benin. Passing through Ghana and Togo. Church planting: two new churches.
  • March 2003. India. Punjab Mission Trip with my son Micah.
  • September 2003. Punjab Mission Trip. India. Guruhatsarhia and Ferozpur.
  • April 2004. Jahlander and Nainital Mission Trip. Punjab, India. Led a team of 9, including four pastors.
  • October 2004 Punjab Mission Trip. Bathinda and Nakodhar. Punjab, India.. Julie was with me.
  • October 2005  Punjab Mission Trip.  Amritsar and Batala. Punjab, India
  • October 2007  Uganda and Kenya. With Clive Cook from England.
  • October 2011  Uganda. Conference of new churches in the north.


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