Testimony from New Delhi, India





I (Mr. Viraj J. Singh) come from a nominal Christian background and my wife Mrs. Sonaha comes from a Hindu background. Her father’s family was deeply involved in witchcraft and due to that Mrs. Sonaha was tormented by evil spirits. My family was in a mess. We used to spend sleepless nights. We invited many people for prayer but still nothing changed.

The demons threatened to take away my wife.One night my wife’s situation changed from bad to worse. She lost consciousness. The time was a half hour past midnight, and my in-laws were pressing on me to take her to a witchcraft person. My son got a taxi and we took her to the hospital ICU. The doctor examined her and said we can do nothing for her in this situation, please take her back. I was heart broken and began to weep.The fear of loosing my wife tormented me.My son, seeing my situation, called some church members and they gave me Brother Simon’s number. I called him and began to weep and I cried, “Please save my wife.”I remember saying to Brother Simon, please pray from there and my wife will be delivered. I kept on saying that and Brother Simon said “do you believe?” and I said, “yes.”Brother Simon said, “Place your cell phone close to your wife’s ears,” and I switched on the speaker. My wife was in a stretcher and due to my crying a few people had surrounded us.
I heard Brother Simon say, “Demons come out in the name of Jesus Christ,” and then he said, “Arise.”

To my surprise my wife jumped out of the stretcher shouting praises to God. The crowd was in a shock. The doctor was surprised as he was hearing Brother Simon pray. We came back rejoicing back home.

I too was a chronic alcoholic. I got free also and my whole family gave their life to the Lord. Very soon we will be baptized. Now we regularly fellowship in his church. Even my in-laws are very keen to hear the gospel.

Mrs. Sonaha said, “I was surrounded by darkness. I could hear demons whisper, ‘take her, take her’ but the moment they heard the name of Jesus they shouted ‘run’ and they ran and I was free. Now I enjoy His Salvation. Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life.”

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