Gospel Preaching In a Hindu Temple !





Dear Co-Worker in the Gospel,

The fires of the Gospel are spreading everywhere! Countries poor in money are becoming rich in the treasures of God. Just last week I received a call from India.

Pastor Simon Haqq, our dear co-worker in India, was on the phone. He was so excited. He told me of an amazing account of a meeting he preached just a few days ago.

He told me he would follow up with an e-mail, which I am sharing with youhere:

Our Brother Simon Haqq in Delhi, India has written an amazing account of hisevangelistic meeting WITHIN A HINDU TEMPLE!

He passed on to us this account written by the host pastor Kiran Paul:

We invited Pastor Simon Haqq to hold a gospel event in our village. After two years he finally agreed to come. I believe it was God’s timing.

I am the only Christian family in my village. When I was advertising about the meeting all the Hindu militant groups turned against us. These radical Hindus threatened me with dire consequences if we were to hold a Christian meeting. So I went to the police who advised me not to conduct a meeting as there would be violence.

Then I called pastor Haqq and he said no matter what happens we will havethe meeting. To my surprise he said we could have the meeting in a Hindutemple where Hindus will feel free to come. In my mind I disagreed but in myheart I desired to hold a meeting in a temple.

To my surprise 250 to 300 villagers came to hear the Word of God. BrotherSimon preached the gospel.

By this time the police entered our village, followed by the newspaperreporters and then the CBI (equivalent to the FBI in the US). They all came to see what we are doing. The police and the CBI spoke to people in thecongregation and even examined the preaching notes that Brother Simon was using.

The militant groups spread the news that Christian conversions were takingplace. Pastor Simon preached the simple gospel and made the alter call. Tomy amazement 100% of the people responded. In front of their gods andgoddesses they shouted I ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS MY LORD AND SAVIOUR. Right from Satan’s home we snatched souls into the Kingdom of God.

During the altar call one policeman got touched by God. His severe painvanished and he testified that God is in this place. After some time his officers came to pastor Simon to ask for a Bible.

As pastor Simon was sitting in a house the priest of the temple came and said “I also want Jesus in my heart.”
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Thanks for your prayers !

Dr. Paul Rains

Christ In You

430 County Road 792

Ellington, MO 63638



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