Pastor Sohan Lal – Amritsar

09a22e3e43b9e3da393c6c4b39fb1b89July 29, 2009

In June 2009 our evangelist in India, Simon Haqq, preached an open air evangelism meeting in Amrtisar. This is the city of the Golden Temple, the holy site of the Sikh religion. Amritsar is in Punjab in the extreme north west area of India near the Pakistan border.

During the meetings there was a time of tension and political riots in the city. Here is a report from Pastor Lal, the organizer of the meetings:

We conducted a three day revival meeting in Amritsar. Due to hot weather we conducted meetings in an open park. We had close to 500 people mostly Christians and some were nominal Christians and a few non-Christians.

Since it was an open air meeting Bro. Simon’s message was heard in a radius of 2 kilometers around the park.

During the first day many backslidden Christians re-dedicated their lives to Christ. To my surprise at the end of the meeting Bro Simon prayed for people who were hearing his message in their homes to receive Jesus and be healed of their infirmities.

The second day the park was nearly full of non-Christians. The reason was many got healed in their homes when Bro. Simon asked them to receive Jesus in their hearts.


On the last day more than half the crowd came forward to pray the prayer of salvation with Bro. Simon. We don’t have the number as it rained heavily even as Bro. Simon was praying.

Two days after the meeting people started calling me to testify–

One lady said during the meeting “my growth vanished from my stomach.”
A brother who was insane and used to run from the house in the night became completely sane and he has started sleeping well in the night.
One Hindu family who were possessed by demons and spent thousands of rupees on witchcraft were delivered, and then they provided food for the entire church every Sunday.
We are seeing a growth of 40 new families after the meeting.
Close to 25 people all from non-Christian families are fully committed to the Lord and are ready for water baptism.

Please continue to pray for our church as we go out to reach the unreached for Christ.

Pastor Sohan Lal



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