Report from Raphael in Uganda



August 5, 2009

We have just received a report from Raphael, our evangelist in Uganda:

Dear Dr. Paul,

We came back yesterday after the crusade which ended on Sunday after we inaugurated the new Church.

In this crusade we adapted a new strategy as we realized that there were many unreached places. in addition to the main crusade, we went along on the track stopping in various places like in the small meeting places and there we would share the gospel.

Obviously we were quite overwhelmed with the results as many people gave their lives to the Lord. The need here is very great.

One elderly woman had travelled 12 miles to come to the meetings and to be prayed for. The Lord did so much for her that at the end she had gotten what she had come for –Salvation and healing for her body.

There were many deliverance and the need for salvation is so much as many men pass their time drinking alcohol as can be seen in one picture.

The Nyoro people are a lovely people and quite rich in their culture but alcoholism is a problem in rural area .

We do need to help build the new structure of the church that we have started. Also, one of the challenges of starting new churches is the support for the local pastor as well as training the pastors.

There is alot that needs to be done here since not many people are going to reach the rural areas .

Thank you for so much helping us to serve the King of Glory.

Grace be with you.


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