Praise Report from Simon Haqq, Our Evangelist and Pastor in India



September 3, 2009

We have just received this report of praise from Simon Haqq, our evangelist and pastor in India.

In addition to having evangelism meetings all over India, Simon also is the pastor of a Christian fellowship in Delhi, the capital of India.

Sometimes God will bless us with physical healing in amazing ways as illustrated here.

A young man was visiting our fellowship for a couple of Sundays. Every visit after the meeting he would ask for prayer and then go. Last Sunday he waited for everyone to leave and he took me to a corner and said “Bhaya [brother] I don’t want to die. I have a two year old child and a wife and I want to live. But two doctors tested me and said I have Blood Cancer.”

As he said that the Holy Spirit stirred my spirit and I remembered the words of our Lord Jesus Christ to the blind man, DO YOU BELIEVE I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU? and I said the same thing to him: DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CAN REMOVE BLOOD CANCER?

He said “YES.”

I asked him another question. Whose report do you believe? The doctor’s report or God’s report?

Since he was a new believer he asked me what is God’s report. I showed him Isaiah 53 :4-5. As I read “by His stripes you are healed” he shouted, “I believe, I believe!”

I told him what Jesus said to the the blind man: “as you have believed so shall it be with you.”

As Pradeep’s faith was now strong, he said, “I am not going for another medical check up. I just believe I am well.”

In Mumbai he had a motorcycle accident. His friend was bleeding but he had no scratch on his body. That amazed him!

He rushed to the hospital. The doctors said, “your friend needs blood.”

Pradeep said, “take my blood.”

The doctors checked his blood which matched his friend’s blood type.

Before taking his blood he said to the the doctors that two reports said he has blood cancer. The lab checked his blood and said, “you have no trace of cancer in your blood.”

Pradeep is on his way back home a happy man!


Love Simon

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