Report from Evangelist Raphael in Uganda

907dccc40ff2ff9fe6778f06528ba0feNovember 2, 2009

Just now I received this report from Evangelist Raphael in Uganda. Christ in You has supported this outreach in NW Uganda.

This is a remote area where few evangelists enter. They did not expect such crowds. He told me on the phone there were close to 10,000 people!
Many hundreds of new believers.

Your prayers and contributions to this ministry make this possible.

Thanks for all you do!

Hi Dr Paul,

I hope you are well,

we are fine in the Lord after that wonderful crusade. As I told you, we went not expecting what we found. the kind and the magnitude of the crusade were much beyond our thoughts. To me this was a new experience, First I realized that there is great need in these regions of north werestern Uganda since they have been in war for so long and they are just recovering. The people are largely unreached and poor as you may imagine. Knowing therefore the limitations we have as person, Am hoping to recruit a number of teams that can help. All is a question of resorces in a month we could send two other smaller teams to help quicken the outreaches. My understanding is that 400 dollars could help send some small teams of about 4 people in those areas for 3-4 days. so if we send 2 teams it could mean around 800 dollars.

There is a need to train willing people who get saved for the work of ministry then send them back to their villages. certainly,the statistics are quite a challenge but as we continue with such crusades where so many get saved , there is a need to entrust them to good trained pastors. maybe we could begin by sending them to some bible schools. I m not sure which ones but At some stage when we can we could come up with our own training programes since I know some well trained ministers who could be willing to train such.

As I told you our Base speakers got spoiled though the are also quite worn out due to much use thought traveling and they are heavy. we need at least 2 of them for proper sound. each good heavy duty ones could cost close to 1000 dollars.

Now I have been able to attach photos from only one small camera, just to give you a feel of what happened. I will attach mere as I am able along with a few testimonies.
God bless and keep you. Hanna , my baby as you can see, was put on a cast for a small knee problem , but God is in control.

Thanks alot Dr Paul. For helping the Lord against His enemies.

Bless you

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